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Burnt Piano


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 by Justin Fleming

The playwright Harold Pinter said of Justin Fleming's play Burnt Piano:

It is a work of considerable authority and distinction. The play has real texture and contains an amazingly successful portrait of Beckett.” (Harold Pinter, April 4,  2001.)

Karen Idlewild had two young sons. One died in a fire, the other, Jonah, survived in unusual circumstances. On a visit to Paris, and against the instinctive warnings of her father, Karen takes Jonah on a bizarre quest to meet Samuel Beckett, a writer whose philosophy she admires, and who, she is sure, can explain her tragedy in terms she can accept. 

To meet the famous man is no easy mission, as he is vigorously protected from such people by his wife, Suzanne, and others.

 Ultimately, it is the 9 year old Jonah, bold  and unaccompanied, who finally urges the reluctant, ailing old Beckett to speak.

 JUSTIN FLEMING has written both fiction and non-fiction and his works have been produced and published in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Belgium, Poland and France. Burnt Piano has been performed in Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, New York and Montreal.