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Discovery: an Area of Study


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by Barbara Stanners

Discovery – an Area of Study provides a wide ranging textual study of the notions underpinning the concept of discovery, with emphasis on:

  • Defining and identifying conceptual meaning
  • Examining the process of representing and communicating meaning within texts
  • Evaluating textual form, structure and language
  • Interpretation of conceptual links between texts

It provides detailed analysis, questions and exercises for a broad range of ‘discovery’ texts prescribed for the NSW Higher School Certificate exam 2015 - 2020.

Deconstruction of ideas, techniques and stylistic methods help clarify how composers explore the experiential process of discovery that may take physical, intellectual or spiritual form. Textual revaluation includes, where appropriate, the varied triggers for and ramifications of what can be discovered or rediscovered, about people, places and events. Discovery – an Area of Study has a strong conceptual focus and textual evaluation of how composers develop and effectively convey abstract ideas in varied ways.

Photocopiable student worksheets are provided throughout the book making this an invaluable resource for study. The inclusion of a wide cross-section of the prescribed texts will enable teachers and students to better understand the timeless relevance of this Area of Study.

Also available for NSW HSC:

HSC Standard Modules and Electives  4th Edition  978-1-921586-81-1

HSC Advanced Modules and Electives  4th Edition  978-1-921586-82-8

Contents - Discovery: an Area of Study

Exploring an Area of Study


Defining Discovery

Prose fiction

Swallow the Air , Tara June Winch


The Tempest,  William Shakespeare

Away,  Michael Gow

Rainbow’s End,   Jane Harrison


Life of Pi, Ang Lee


Robert Frost

A Tuft of Flowers

Mending Walls

After Apple-Picking

Home Burial

Fire and Ice

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Robert Gray

North Coast Town

Flames and Dangling Wire

The Meatworks

Late Ferry


Journey: The North Coast


Frank Hurley, The Man Who Made History - Simon Nasht

Possible Related Texts


Brief Thoughts on a Test-Tube, Miroslav Holub

The One Who Goes Away,  Sujata Bhatt

Journey to the Interior,  Margaret Atwood

Invictus, 1849–1903 William Ernest Henley (1849-1903)

Americanised, Bruce Dawe

Discovery, Wislawa Szymborska

The Story of an Hour, Kate Chopin