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Drama Cuts


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 edited by Susan Battye

 Drama Cuts provides 13 extracts from contemporary Commonwealth plays, in English. The selection includes extracts from plays written by well known Nobel Laureates, Wole Soyinka from Nigeria, and Derek Walcott from St Lucia. The anthology features issues closely related to student experiences such as: unplanned pregnancy, family conflict, social class, racial prejudice, the search for identity, religious and political freedom, love of country, poverty, attitudes towards work, cultural conflict, love and friendship and human rights. Extracts have been selected not only because of their social, political, historical and literary significance, but also because of their themes related to moral and physical dilemmas.


Cloudstreet                                       Nick Enright, Justin Monjo & Tim Winton

 Summer of the Seventeenth Doll            Ray Lawler

 Leaving Home                                     David French                   

 An Inspector Calls                                J. B. Priestley

 Top Girls                                            Caryl Churchill

 Rudali                                                Usha Ganguli 

Atomic Jaya                                        Huzir Sulaiman 

The Pohutukawa Tree                           Bruce Mason 

Ka Shue - Letters Home                        Lynda Chanwai-Earle 

Death and the King’s Horseman              Wole Soyinka 

Ti-Jean and His Brothers                       Derek Walcott 

Sizwe Bansi is Dead                             Athol Fugard 

The Man, his Son, and their Donkey        Mercy Mirembe Ntangaare

 A brief introduction sets the scene for each extract. The selection includes scripts for large and small groups, as well as monologues and duologues. Reading, discussing and performing the extracts offers students a window into the lives and attitudes of people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Their hopes, fears and aspirations are laid bare in these gripping extracts which are easy to stage.

Drama Cuts is supported by Drama Cuts Teacher’s Resource Book which provides background information on the play texts with a detailed synopsis of the entire play, writing and performing activities on individual plays and groups of plays and notes on the playwrights.