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Encore a short story collection


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edited by Peter Kneale & Owen Belling

Encore is a new collection of 18 short stories suitable for students from Years 7 to 11, including the work of some of the masters of the form, and established and emerging contemporary writers. The collection has now been republished in a revised edition with improved layout and font.

The collection offers a range of styles, genre and subjects, including:

  the humour of life       

  the future



  world of the imagination        


  relationship between past and present       


Encore Teacher Resource Book   includes a range of related student activities encouraging students to reflect, analyse, challenge and create.



The Capture of Walter Schnaffs    Guy de Maupassant 

Nothing to be Afraid of                  Jan Mark

Tooking for a Lowel                        Patrick Campbell        

The Open Window                        Saki (H H Munro)

 High Tea                                         Des Field       

The Tell-tale Heart                          Edgar Allan Poe

 William's Version                           Jan Mark        

The Second Bullet                          Anna Katherine Green

 The Bottle Imp                                R L Stevenson 

A Retrieved Reformation              O. Henry (William Sydney Porter)

 Teach me to Dance                      Kerry Goldsworthy    

A Birthday                                       Katherine Mansfield

 The New World                            William Lane  

Mrs Cart                                          Jack Cox

Striker                                              Matthew Fitt   

The Judgement of Paris               Leonard Merrick

Black Hole                                      Geraldine Stow          

Waking Up                                     Kate Stephens