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Exploring Asian Voices Book 2


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by Barbara Stanners

Asia has a rich and diverse cultural and historical heritage stretching back thousands of years. It is a region that has engendered many of humanity’s momentous achievements, religions and belief systems. It has become a major economic region and the home of two thirds of the world’s population. Educationally, the study of varied Asian texts broadens student awareness, knowledge and understanding of other cultural experiences. Close examination of Asian literature and media texts can develop critical thinking skills, reasoning ability and cultural empathy for the experiences and difficulties of others such as immigrants.

 Study of Asian literature and rhetoric poetry, especially those of the twentieth century, can sharpen insight and consideration about unfamiliar traditions and values that are found in other cultures.  Many of the texts found in Asian Voices 2 relate to significant watershed historical periods such as the collapse of the British Empire, the launching of the Atomic Age with the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Chinese Cultural Revolution, and the Vietnam War. The world has been reshaped by such events and it is important for students to explore the ramifications of such experiences from non-Western testimonial experience and perspectives.

 Asian text study also prompts consideration of how composers have both drawn on their own cultural traditions, as well as question and explore genre boundaries and styles. Asian composers have innovatively integrated Western literary influences and pressures into their cultural contexts which have undergone massive changes in the past century. A broad range of sophisticated texts have been included in Asian Voices 2 to bolster a student’s ability to empathetically explore the thoughts, emotions and Asian experience.


Exploring Asian Texts                                                                                   
Rhetorical Form and Techniques                                                              
Aung San Suu Kyi                                                                                                   
Nga Nguyen                                                                                                          
Indian Poetry                                                                                             
Chinese Poetry                                                                                         
Vietnamese Poetry and the Vietnamese War                       
Hisaye Yamamoto                                                                                    
Jhumpa Lahiri                                                                                           
Slumdog Millionaire                                                                               
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon                                                           
Mao’s Last Dancer                                                                                
The Happiest Refugee  Anh Do                                                          
Hiroshima,  John Richard Hersey                                                       
Photographic art                                                                                        
The Napalm Girl,  Kim Phuc                                                                
Responding and composing                                                                   
Reading non-fiction texts                                                                    
Poetry Analysis