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Exploring Genre: A Crime Anthology



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Exploring Genre: A Crime Anthology

edited by Richard Baines

In Exploring Genre: Crime we are introduced to a broad and varied collection of violent and dastardly tales. The stories are divided into groups: pure crime, murder stories and stories of detection. Here is a tale of a woman who accidentally films the criminal act of a respected policeman, a spy who is unmasked by his wife, and an impoverished Swedish private eye who has another busy day at the office. Here are also real life crime stories: a boy who came back from the dead, the shocking story of match fixing by a famous cricket captain, and an Australian girl living in a witness protection  program because a hitman had been hired to kill her. 

The Exploring Genre books add to a reader's experience of short story writing in the genres of crime, fantasy and horror.. Extending beyond the traditional, they challenge our ideas of what to expect. There are stories in these collections from Australia, but also tales set in America, England, Japan, Sweden and India. They include stories both fact and fiction and are accompanied by a thought-provoking poem or two. Each story is followed by fresh and stimulating activities for comprehension, discussion and imaginative writing. The tales have been chosen for their appeal to students, the quality of the writing, and the relevance of the issues they explore.


The Crime Story                                                                                                     


Welcome Home by Henry Slesar                                                                

Mug by Judy Thomson                                                                                          

The Dancer  by Sophie Zi Cing              

Danger Out of the Past by Erie Stanley Gardner        


Taxi Driver by James Leslie                

The Last Laugh by Mary Davin              

Time to Remember by Barbara Yates Rothwell        


Fresh Bait by Sherryl Clark                  

Vivaldi Played at Half Speed by Alex Eklund        

The Adventures of the Amateur Hangman by Kel Richards    

True Crime

The Hansie Cronje Story by Richard Silvers       

Free at Last by Janet Fife-Yeomans         

The Boy who Came Back from the Dead by Nick Davies 

Journeying On...

The Death of Jinini by Andy Rouse         

The Spirit of Murder by Pat Noad and Adrienne Joy