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Extension Maths middle secondary Student Book


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Extension Maths for high achieving students is for maths students who need and enjoy the challenge of working with material which encourages the application of higher order thinking. 

The problems and exercises in these books encourage students

  • to think creatively
  • to be flexible in the use of new ideas and approaches
  •  to be fluent in the creation of an array of ideas
  • to elaborate on similar ideas
  • to be original in thinking of new approaches or new ways of seeing problems.

The problems and tasks are based on the topic and concept areas studied in the middle secondary years (9 - 10) with points of departure to allow challenge, application and extension of ideas. Solving the problems requires each student to seek information beyond the classroom, modifying their thinking and being prepared to use and think of new approaches in unfamiliar situations. Each student  book includes answers to each question. Fully worked solutions are provided in the teacher’s book for each level.

The tasks can be used as an addition to the teaching program where more able students can be directed to pursue challenges which require the application of a range of problem solving techniques centred on the topic being studied.

There are two broad types of task:

  • topic-based: number, linear algebra and graphing, quadratic algebra and graphing, indices and logarithms, measurement, trigonometry, geometry, probability and statistics.
  • general-nature: a collection of challenging questions which require the application of a range of approaches and skills in a non-routine manner.

 The Teacher’s Resource Book for each level includes the worksheets, answers and fully worked solutions, hints to help students work through difficult parts of questions as well as suggestions for broadening the teaching program.   

NOTE: Teacher’s Book contents for Junior and Middle Secondary Level cover all topics in the student book,  with worked solutions and additional teaching hints for each  section


Extension Maths (Middle Secondary) for Higher Achieving Students 

 Chapter 1 Number

  • Number and Graphs                  
  • Number and Algebra                
  • Number Problems Sequences and Series                
  • Complex Numbers                    
  • Number Proofs                          
  • Answers                                   

Chapter 2 Linear Algebra

  • Basic Equations                        
  • Fractional Equations                 
  • Simultaneous Equations             
  • Answers                                   

Chapter 3 Linear Graphing

  • Sketching Linear Graphs          
  • Reflection, Rotation and
  • Translation of Linear Graphs
  • Parallel and Perpendicular
  • Linear Graphs                      
  • Answers                                   

Chapter 4 Coordinate Geometry

  • Coordinate Plane (1)               
  • Coordinate Plane (2)               
  • Shapes and Coordinate
  • Geometry (1)                     
  • Shapes and Coordinate
  • Geometry (2)                      
  • Application of Coordinate
  • Geometry                          
  • Answers                                

Chapter 5 Quadratic Algebra and Graphing

  • Solving Quadratic Equations     
  • Factorising and Solving Quadratic   Equations             
  • Mixed Quadratic Equations       
  • Graphs of Quadratic Equations
  • Simultaneous Quadratic Equations                             
  • Problem Solving with Quadratic Equations             
  • Quadratics and Shapes              
  • Application of Quadratic Equations                             
  • Quadratic Inequations               
  • Answers                                   

Chapter 6 Indices and Logarithms

  • Indices                                      
  • Logarithms
  • Application of Logarithms        
  • Exponential Modelling (1)        
  • Exponential Modelling (2)        
  • Answers  

Chapter 7 Measurement

  • Area and Perimeter of Circles (1)                      
  • Area and Perimeter of Circles (2)                      
  • Volume of Pyramids and Frustums                            
  • Area of Shapes                        
  • Area of Hexagons and Octagons                   
  • Area and Circumference of
  • Concentric Circles               
  • Volume of Solids                    
  • Volume and Surface Areas       
  • Total Surface Area of Solids     
  • Problems and Measurement      
  • Answers                                                                 


Chapter 8 Trigonometry

  • Trigonometry and Heights of Buildings                         
  • Trigonometry in Three-dimensions                          
  • Trigonometric Projections         
  • Trigonometry Problems            
  • Application of Trigonometry     
  • Stars, Circles and Trigonometry                      
  • Shapes and Trigonometry          
  • Bearings and 3-D
  • Trigonometry                      
  • Trigonometry and Circles         
  • Trigonometry and Exact Ratios                        
  • Answers                                  

Chapter 9 Geometry

  • Circles                                     
  • Similar Triangles                      
  • Geometry (1)                           
  • Geometry and Trigonometry     
  • Geometry (2)                            
  • Triangles                                 
  • Answers                                  

Chapter 10 Probability

  • Probability (1)                          
  • Probability (2)                          
  • Probability (3)                           
  • Answers                                  

Chapter 11 Statistics

  • Statistics (1)                             
  • Statistics (2)                             
  • Line of Best Fit                        
  • Comparing Statistical Results   
  • Answers                                  

Chapter 12 Challenge Questions

  • Mixing Liquids                        
  • Rumours                                 
  • Square in a Hexagon                
  • Circles around Circles              
  • Distances around
  • Running Tracks                   
  • The Tram and the Joggers        
  • Cars, Speed, Distance and Time                            
  • Stacking Balls                         
  • Investigating Solids                  
  • Maximum Volume of Solids                             
  • Circle in a Square                    
  • Circle and Square in a Square                          
  • Octagon in a Square                 
  • The Painted Cube                    
  • Answers