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 by Henrik Ibsen, in a new version by Nicki Bloom

Although Ghosts was first published in 1881 it looks at issues which are as relevant now as when Ibsen wrote the play. Nicki Bloom's version of Ghosts also makes the language relevant to a modern audience.

Mrs Alving is preparing to open a refuge in honour of her late husband who had been an important and respected figure in the community. The play reveals the real Mr Alving, the influence he has had on others, particularly his son Oswald, and the real nature of the relationships between the characters.

Ghosts was controversial when it was first performed and published—one critic described it as ‘open sewer’. Its power in part comes from raising issues which do exist but which people often don't want to deal with: they become ghosts. Its value as drama is still powerful because the issues still exist.