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HSC Maths Course Summary


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Each Phoenix Course Summary provides a comprehensive and thorough summary of all the essential material for each HSC Maths course in a form which makes it simple for students to identify what they have to know for the HSC examination and to help them learn it.

They include:

  • formulas
  • theorems
  • procedures
  • worked examples

 In addition, they have

o       provision for students to add their own notes from other sources - textbook, study guide, teacher

o       useful suggestions to help learn the material

o       practice questions, with answers, for each part of the course


Topic 1           Basic arithmetic and algebra (Preliminary)

Topic 2           Plane geometry (Preliminary)

Topic 3           Functions and relations (Preliminary)

Topic 4           Trigonometry (Preliminary)

Topic 5           Coordinate geometry (Preliminary)

Topic 6           Introductory calculus (Preliminary)

Topic 7           The quadratic polynomial and the parabola (Preliminary)

Topic 8           Geometrical applications of differentiation (HSC)

Topic 9           Series and sequences (HSC)

Topic 10         Integration (HSC)

Topic 11         Logarithmic and exponential functions (HSC)

Topic 12         The trigonometric functions (HSC)

Topic 13         Probability (HSC)

Topic 14         Applications of calculus to the physical world

Table of derivatives

Table of integrals

Revision exercises

Revision exercises answers