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Introducing Shakespeare: Shakespeare Workshop


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 edited by Ken Watson

 Introducing Shakespeare includes plays from the Shakespeare Workshop series which are often studied by students in junior and middle secondary years, with an introduction offering general ideas and approaches for introducing students to Shakespeare.

 The plays are:  

Macbeth - Creative Work Ideas          

Julius Caesar   

A Midsummer Night's Dream   

The Merchant of Venice          

Romeo and Juliet

 Most plays include activities dealing with

  • Introduction to the play
  • language
  • staging and performance
  • character
  • plot
  • themes and issues
  • dramatic structure

 All activities are photocopiable.

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A sample of the contents (Introduction and Merchant of Venice):


 Getting Started

 Preparatory Activity 1 -         Choral Speaking

 Preparatory Activity 2 -         Shakespearian Insults

 Preparatory Activity 3 -         Kaleidoscope:           Macbeth

 The Merchant of Venice

A Midsummer Night's Dream

 Julius Caesar

 Romeo and Juliet

 Preparatory Activity 4 - Group Speech Macbeth

 The Merchant of Venice

Julius Caesar

 Preparatory Activity 5 - Crowd Scene

 Merchant of Venice 

  1. 1. Mulling Over The Merchant                      A Shakespeare Journal
  2. 2. Parallels                                                  Real life connections
  3. 3. Historical Background                              Dramatic context
  4. 4. Silence is only commendable                    Dramatic performance
  5. 5. "Hath Not a Jew Eyes?"                            Racial prejudice
  6. 6. Blocking                                                  Production
  7. 7. For Love or Money                                   Themes
  8. 8. Sequencing                                              Language
  9. 9. Visual Presentation of Relationships         Character
  10. 10. Words, Words, Words                           Word choice
  11. 11. Interior Duologues                                 Character and performance
  12. 12. A Weekend in the Country or ...            Two worlds of the play
  13. 13. What's In a Name?                                 Antonio
  14. 14. Bystanders                                            Imaginative recreation
  15. 15. "If my fortune be not crost ..                  " Father/child relationships
  16. 16. Let Music Sound                                     Music in the play
  17. 1 7 . Before and After                                   Dramatic additions
  18. 18. "Let me play the fool"                             Comic elements
  19. 19. Designers at Work                                  New settings
  20. 20. "Time yet for a hundred indecisions"       Student as director
  21. 21 Portia Faces Her Critics                           Character interpretation
  22. .22 In The Style Of ...                                   Reformulations
  23. 23 Out of Africa ...                                      Cultural reinterpretations
  24. 24 "Gentle Jew" or "Inexorable Dog"              Interpretations of Shylock