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World War One


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This study guide for senior modern history students covers all the prescribed sections of the compulsory core of the HSC Modern History course, with some additional material where it is needed to provide essential background in order to properly understand and write about the compulsory content areas. Particularly valuable is the inclusion of material which is the result of very recent research and historiography on the Great War dealing with the battlefront.

With each section of the text there are suggestions as to where emphasis needs to be placed, how students might approach the topic and questions to help students understand the topic and make effective use of the relevant primary sources.

The book also includes sample questions based on the types and range of HSC questions asked in the past.

By working through the content and attempting the practice questions students should be well prepared for the range of types of questions which a student could be asked to answer.

Alf Pickard is the former Head of History at Sydney Grammar School and is an experienced HSC Modern History HSC senior examiner. He is the co-author of The Great War and has carried out extensive research on the Great War in Australia and Britain.

World War One and its aftermath Contents


SECTION I              Causes of the war

SECTION 2             Studying World War I

SECTION 3             War on the Western Front

SECTION 4             Trench warfare

SECTION 5             The Home Front and Total War

SECTION 6             Recruitment, censorship and propaganda

SECTION 7             The changing moods of public opinion

SECTION 8             Expectations of British soldiers and civilians at the end of the war

SECTION 9             Armistice and peace